August 19, 2011

4 -Year Update

There were a couple of flash floods so far during the 2011 summer monsoon season here in Arivaca. Unfortunately, I wasn't at the property the time of the floods to catch it on film. 

The first picture below shows a buildup of sandy gravel across the driveway.  The rock gabion (now almost covered at left) slowed down the water flow allowing the sand/gravel to deposit on the driveway. 

This is exactly what I wanted as a 'design' goal when I chose the location of the gabion.  If there was no gabion, these fast-moving flash floods would be carving-out 'ruts' in the driveway, resulting in vehicles possibly getting stuck or having the rear of vehicles bottom-out as they crossed.  In addition, I would have to spend time filling-in the rut after each flood.
Another benefit from the deposit of the sand/gravel is that I need to use this sand when mixing cement for the concrete bond-beams that will be supporting and connection the walls and roof on my cob studio I am currently building on the property.

The photo below is a current upstream shot of the gabion looking downstream.
The last photo shows how the gabion looks on the downstream side facing upstream.

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