September 2, 2008

1-Year Update

It has been a year since the gabion was first constructed and we've had only two or three"gully-washers" (as the locals like to say), in that year. The organic debris accumulating on the gabion in the photo above suggests that at least one, or more, flash flood events has occurred.

The purpose of a gabion at this location is to build up sediment near and around the upsteam side of the gabion. The location pictured, is where the driveway crosses through the dry wash.

The photo shows that sediment is beginning to build-up at the bottom of the gabion. The surrounding healthy vegetation attests to amble monsoon rain over the past month of so. Less intensite storms this year than last; but more frequent. The ground is getting enough moisture to keep the plants happy. During some monsoons we get a good rain; then 2-weeks goes by before the next rainfall. In that scenerio, the plants start turning brown prematurely and additional rain does little to get the plant to achive its full potential.

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