July 24, 2012

Early Summer 2012 - Update

The monsoon rains started about a week and a half earlier this year and already the wash has run, so it's time for an update to this blog. Looking at the center of the photo below, you can see fresh sand that was deposited on the driveway as the flood swept left-to-right. The vegetation has responded rapidly to the rains and everything is looking nice and green.

The gabion is doing its intended job for its location, which was originally to keep the flash-floods from creating a deep rut across the driveway.

The second photo (below) was taken standing on the driveway looking at the gabion in the downstream direction. The gabion is almost covered over at this point and that has got me thinking that may need to create a second gabion about 30 feet further down to slow the water again allowing infiltration into the soil to the benefit of vegitation and the mesquite trees which are clustered in this area of the property.

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