July 28, 2017

New Gabion Fails During First Flash-Flood

Arivaca saw it's summer monsoon season begin at the end of the first week of July with some heavy rains.  My wash is fed from slightly higher elevation hills and terrain with drainage from branching cuts on the land.  So it all funnels down.

Photo below was taken around July 22nd, around two weeks after approximately 4" of rain over that time.  Also notice how much vegetation has grown in less than two weeks (see previous post). 

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The photo below shows the path of the breach at the south end of the Gabion.  I knew I was cutting corners when building the Gabion.  I should have taken the time when constructing it, to ensure the Gabion was properly and securely "keyed" into that south bank of the wash.

The photo below is a closeup of the breach.

Below.  Photo taken downstream, looking upstream with the arrows showing the flow paths.  I was surprised by the large amount of material stripped from the embankment. 

I'm now going to figure out the best repair option for the Gabion and make the repair. 

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