August 7, 2007

Day 4: Apron Completed

With large rocks applied to the apron, a top layer of wire mesh was added and then all the ends (top & bottom) were tied together with heavy wire. An analogy would be that of a pita-pocket. All the large stones that make up the apron are now contained with the wire mesh.

The photo above shows the wash upstream and the driveway crossing. Hopefully, during the next big rain, the ensuing flash-flood will carry sand down to the gabion and build-up the level to make crossing the wash with a vehicle easier.

In the future, I hope to add additional gabions upstream to slow the water down, spread it out across my bottom-land to reduce erosion and provide additional water to the mesquite trees that grow along the wash.

In the future, I will be posting photos and short movies to show the impact of flash floods on the gabion, and surrounding bottomland. Repair work and maintenance on the gabion will also be documented.

Let's see what happens from this point forward!

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